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Terms, Conditions & Procedures

Following are our company’s Terms and Conditions.  Please read all of them carefully before requesting service with our company.

Operating hours

  • Orders may be placed online via e-mail anytime (24-7, 365 days a year).
  • Orders are processed 24-7.

Quote request

All quote estimates are to be requested using the form available on our site. Please fill it up correctly to receive an estimate of your quote. However, final quote will be available only after we receive your document(s).


We offer the most competitive rates over Internet.

The fees listed below assume the following:

i) Printed Copy Typing

  • The source document must contain clear, legible print.
  • Prices will be charged based on the number of Pages or number of word typed.

ii) Manuscript Typing (handwritten documents)

  • The source document must contain clear, legible writing (see below).
  • Prices will be charged based on the number of Pages or number of word typed.

The followings are our normal rates

Printed Copy Typing (Double Spaced) $0.5 per page
Printed Copy Typing (Single Spaced) $0.8 per page
Manuscript Typing (hand written) $1.5 for 1000 words
OCR $0.8 per page
Academic Drawing (illustrations, Flowcharts) starts at $1.0
Academic Drawing (geographical maps) starts at $5.0

(Urgent Services are available upon request with a 50% extra charge)

Additional charges may be incurred in the following circumstances

  • Poor writing/readability/visibility.
  • Special formatting.
  • Complex drawing.

*Prices are negotiable for bulk orders with over 100 pages of typing. Please contact us for a quote.

Storage of Completed Job

  • Completed documents will be stored at our server for maximum 90days from the date of completion. After that period, we are not liable to keep any completed job with us and we will not be responsible for any loss of document. Clients are advised to finalized all formalities and pick up the completed jobs within 90 days of completion.

Payment Methods & Terms

  • The form of payments accepted is Paypal. For other modes of payment please contact us.
  • All services require a 50% deposit in advance. The remainder is to be paid upon completion of the project (before delivery).

Refund Policy

  • Final responsibility for proofing errors in the finished work rests with the client.
  • We guarantee the quality of our work and assure the best of our services.  However, if you are not satisfied, please contact us within 48 hours and we will do our best to satisfy you.
  • Any kind of refunds for Finished works will not be entertained under any circumstances.