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Now-a-days preformatted electronic version of the research papers are being asked by many of the top International Journals, which most authors find extremely difficult to compose.

You may have typed your own research work yourself, but finding difficulties with the formatting features as instructed by the respective journals due to a lack of knowledge about the vast and tricky formatting features of the word processing and graphic softwares. Here you find some basic and advanced formatting tricks explained which you will frequently need to prepare your scientific papers for proper submission in international journals.

If you have specific queries you can ask us. We will be happy to answer them and will try to add them to the following list.

We have put some formatting and fine tuning solutions in small tutorial forms below.

1. Changing the default page setup (Letter to A4).
2. Using Single and two/three column format in the same page.
3. Using both portrait and landscape format in same document.
4. Adjusting Table cells width to hold the data in it.
5. Using inline images with text (text wrapping).


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Here you find links of the all major universities, international journals, sites of academic interests. We are constantly updating this list and invite our users to send us sites that are of academic interests.