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Welcome. Thanks for showing interest in working with us.

We need an assistant in USA.

We are online since 2006 and proud to have a good client base in US. We like to have a contact/assistant in somewhere adjacent to any of the major cities.

You should have

  • a working computer
  • printer/scanner
  • a landline/mobile
  • internet connectivity

Job Requirement:

  • Answering Call

Your basic job is to answer visitor’s/client’s (mostly from USA) call during the working hours (8am-8pm – Mon-Fri). You may need to call clients who express/desire to be called and send their phone numbers through email. You also need to make followup calls. There would be a minimum of 0 to maximum of 10-12 calls per day. We have toll free phone numbers which would be pointed to your phone (landline/mobile). You need not to spend anything for this. You must be able to receive phone calls during working hours and reply to the queries.

You will be supplied with one/two page INFORMATION SHEET which will help you to reply to clients’ queries. You should have the communication skill to satsify and win clients.

  • Assistance in Job Works

Scope 1 >> We regularly receive photocopies of printed/handwritten materials from our clients from USA for processing. There is considerable shipment charges and transit time. Here we can ask clients to send their materials to your address. Once you receive the materials, you can scan those and upload to our server. Work can be started on those documents much earlier as the entire process would not take more than 3 days. In case of scanning you will be paid (as per negotiated rate).

Scope 2 >> Generally our products (typed materials) are delivered to our clients through email as attachment. Few clients also want to get it in CDs or Printed form delivered to their address. In these cases we will send the typed version to you through email and you can then take a print out or copy to a CD and ship to the clients address. The printing charges including cost of paper or CD (all as per negotiated rates) and shipment charges are paid by us as per actual.

All inbound and outbound calls are handled by our phone company. So no expenses from your end whatsoever.

We are looking for individuals, not firms or teams.

If you are interested, please send an email at outsource @ grafixsolutions.biz with the following details. We would be glad to hear from you.

  • Monthly Retainer Fee.
  • Printing cost: per page (consider minimum 100 page).
  • Scanning Charge: per page (consider minimum 100 page).
  • Cost of CD.