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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Optical character recognition (OCR) is the process of converting data from printed pages or scanned text images which are not editable. By this process the image of text and tables can be converted into the electronic format so that they can now be edited.

OCR service often becomes necessary for people especially in an academic environment. Suppose you stumbled onto an old research work or reference book or any printed material that has an immense value to your own study, and you would very much like to preserve this piece. But, how?

The options available

First option is either to own (buy) the printed original, or get it xeroxed. This will be one more addition to your "collection", and the more you get them, the bigger and more burdensome the collection becomes to carry around.

Second, and much smarter, option is to get this printed material converted into an appropriate electronic document. It then becomes easily accessible, reusable in part or full, editable and extremely portable as it fits into a CD or a flash disk. And you can do the same for your entire collection. Optical character recognition (OCR) can identify individual text characters on a page, including punctuation marks, spaces, and ends of lines.

The accuracy of text recognition depends on several factors, including the type of document scanned and the scanner settings used. Our Production team is well versed with these complexities and are equipped to handle any kind of OCR job.

Pricing Information

The starting cost $ 0.8 for complete conversion of a single page. Rates will vary as per the condition and composition of the source pages which calls for extensive cleanup work. The total cost will be negotiable for high volume of work.

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